About TCP

The Community Program (TCP) is MRSI’s initiative to give back to the community by identifying small organisations working for a social cause at the grassroot level and partnering with them to make available to them world class research and insights to help them magnify their impact on the society.

The program aims at harnessing the ideas, skills and the energy of the young research professionals, coupling them with the resources of our member companies and channelling these to help solve the key questions/challenges being faced by the partner social organisations.

The program also helps in showcasing the depth and breadth of talent among the young professionals in the Market Research industry and also helping them to gain both personally and professionally.

TCP is envisaged as an annual program from MRSI starting 2018

How does this work?

Young research professionals (under 30 years of age) working with MRSI member companies can participate in this program and propose/pitch solutions for the challenges of the partner organisation identified by MRSI.

Young research professionals must choose one challenge among the ones shortlisted and respond to the brief with a written approach note detailing how they would address the needs and submit the same to MRSI.

MRSI will set up a team of senior industry professionals along with the representative of the partner organisations (the TCP panel) who will then evaluate the various applications and select a couple of applications that have the most promising submissions.

MRSI and our member companies would coordinate to provide resources to the researchers to implement the selected submissions. The researchers will need to complete the study in the stipulated time and make a presentation to the TCP panel.

The participating organisations will end up with actionable insights for them to carry forward their work to the community and the researchers will be felicitated at the MRSI’s Annual Seminar.

TCP 2019

The age of New Thinking!

Organizations selected for TCP – 2019:

The Community Program will provide a unique platform for all at MRSI’s 28th Annual Market Research Seminar on 18th & 19th March 2019.

The 28h Seminar will witness TCP-2018 organizations sharing their experiences and feedback on the stage along with the young research professionals who volunteered them.

Along with the sharing, will be organizations selected under TCP – 2019 presenting their problem statements and encourage young researchers and their employer organisations to volunteer with their solutions actively.

APPLY for TCP 2019

Are you an NGO/Social Cause Community Organization wanting to get associated for TCP 2019?
Please fill the below form: https://goo.gl/forms/kpR3auKov0QgxDm62

After MRSI receives your application, it will review and contact you with regards to the same.

*Please note that you require to sign in with your google account to fill the form*

Are you a young researcher looking to participate in TCP 2019?

Participation application form for TCP-2019 for Young Researchers will be available from April 2019.

TCP 2018

The Community Program was initiated by MRSI in 2018, mooted and ideated by a few members of the Managing Committee.

The first edition, TCP 2018 involved three organizations that were helped by dynamic young researchers from MRSI member organizations and the program received great results, having high quality work professionally delivered by young research professionals resulting the deserving NGOs receiving MR expertise pro bono.

The Young Research professionals on the other hand not only gained experience & exposure but also assisted the community we live in.

Amongst the solutions delivered by the young research professionals, a team that won got stage presence at the ESOMAR (The Cannes equivalent for MR) Annual Conference in Berlin and gained global exposure!

The Organizations & Young Researchers will also take the stage at MRSI's 28th Annual Market Research Seminar in Mumbai on 18th & 19h March and share their experiences with the audience!

Organizations working for Community Development:

  1. Equals Centre for Promotion of Social Justice

    About Equals: http://www.equalscpsj.org/

    Read their problem statement here: https://goo.gl/ob4aKb/

  2. Parikrma Humanity Foundation:

    About Praikrma: https://parikrmahumanityfoundation.org/

    Their Experience:

    Small non-profits such as Parikrma face a number of serious issues where research can be extremely useful in pointing towards possible solutions. Unfortunately, the typical non-profit usually does not have the funding to pay for such research. Thus, the TCP initiative is of real value and will go a long way towards helping non-profits improve the strength of their impact. Using young researchers for this program is a great idea because they bring in a new perspective as well as a real commitment towards making a difference in any way that they can. I hope the MRSI will continue with its TCP in the years to come.”

    Anuradha Roy Chowdhury Resource Mobilisation Coordinator at the Parikrma Humanity Foundation

    Read their problem statement here: https://goo.gl/2LVbG4

  3. Womenserve:

    About Womenserve: http://womenserve.org/

    Read their problem statement here: https://goo.gl/ZtCFJ3