Tuesday, 27th August 2019, Mumbai

What is MRSI Connect

MRSI Connect is MRSI’s initiative to accelerate the use of technology in the process of market research and insights. The event is a buyer seller meeting platform where the buyers are members of MRSI (both end users of Market Research like, Hindustan Unilever, ITC, Godrej etc as well as providers of market research services like Kantar, Nielsen, Ipsos, Hansa etc).

The sellers are companies which have a technology product which can find application in the market research and insights process. Typically, we invite applications from startups and/or established companies who have technology products (including SaaS) which may find use in the research process.

Format of the event

The format of the event is that of speed dating. The curated set of sellers each have 2 minutes to do a pitch for their products and the buyer companies then express their interest in having a more detailed discussion with individual seller companies.

A 10 minute one on one meeting is then arranged on the spot between the buyers and the sellers they are interested in knowing more details on.

In half a day, the sellers are able to pitch and discuss their product with 15 to 20 MRSI member companies.

MRSI Connect 2019

Technology for Qualitative Research

The 2019 Connect is focused on technology tools for the process of qualitative research. MRSI would like to invite all organisations who have a technology product which can be applied in any aspect of Qualitative research.

A brief description of Qualitative research and the common methods and processes is outlined below:

What is Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research is a specialist field in Market Research and helps understand the why’s behind attitudes and behaviour.

Typically, qualitative research collects information from smaller number of individuals and is in depth and unstructured in focus group (5 to 8 people have a discussion moderated by the researcher) or 1 on 1 interview format. These conversations are audio and/or video recorded and later transcripted for analysis.

The analysis method typically is to group the thoughts shared into themes and then understand the broader picture from the themes which link together.

In the Indian context, majority of these interactions are conducted in the local vernacular language and many a times, there is a translation to English step is needed at the transcription stage.

Other key methods in qualitative research involve observations (sometimes over a number of days) done in consumer’s home or at the retail outlet to understand path to purchase, browsing behaviour or method of product/service use, preparation and consumption of food/beverages etc.

Apart from just what is said or done, qualitative researchers also look at body language, use projective techniques, the contextual environment, facial expressions, tone of voice etc to analyse and interpret.

Register as a Seller

All organisations are welcome to register to participate as a seller in this event; the only condition is that you should have a working product and not in the proof of concept stage idea. Also, the product could be used by any stakeholder in the research and insights process viz the end user directly, agency to build their offer around the product or a service provider who executes special parts of the research process only.

Please Note:Your registration details will be reviewed by a committee set up by MRSI and those organisations with products which are relevant would be invited to take part in the Connect event.

There is no fee for being part of the event however the invited organisations will have to take care of their travel and stay costs if incurred.

  1. Click here to register as a seller

The last date to register is Monday, 12th August 2019.